A while back, I span up a Mastodon server instance and thought nothing of it. I made a few toots, hooked up the app and just sat on it. After a while of ignoring it, I updated and ran into some issues, causing me to give up and move on.

Enter Musk! And I'm now finding myself spinning back up Mastodon to join the wave of people moving away from Twitter, which incidentally I've never actually used. When Twitter launched, it always just felt like Facebook stories, but limited and short. I really didn't see the point and I've never engaged since. But now there's a mass movement towards the Fediverse? I want to get in on that, if only to be amongst it and experience what it can, could, or should be.

With that said, come say hi on Mastodon or try ditching instragram with me over at Pixelfed