Please understand that the clients/agents available below are intended to be used by invitation/instruction. They connect to a remote support platform and give access to your computer system so use them at your own risk.

Support is generally for friends, family and colleagues, but you can request support by dropping me a mail. If I can help (and have time) then I will!

Instant Clients

Some manual configuration of the client is required to allow it to work.

The instant support clients require no installation. Simply download and run the app to enable remote support. The app must be running for remote support to connect, but no support account is required. The app will not self-update, so you must re-downlaod the app in future to ensure you have the latest version. Once support is finished the app file can simply be deleted leaving no trace left on your system.

Installable Clients

No configuration is required with these clients. Simply install the client and remote access will be setup.

Installable clients are the best option for occasional support. They will self-update to maintain a viable support connection. This saves you from having to do it manually, and means you can simply request help at any point in time. To allow support you must run the client.


Agents are the best option for long term continued support. They will self-update and allow an ongoing background access to the system at any point in time when the system is live. This is useful if you would like or require ongoing help with keeping your system updated and secure.


Windows clients/agents require administrator rights. You will have to approve running the application and trusting the apps certificate. More details below.

When first running/installing the Windows client/agent you may need to:

Allow the app to run. A window will appear, click "more info"

Allow App To Run

Then click "Run anyway":

Allow App To Run

Run the application (admin approval):

If you're unsure which to use, go for 64-bit/x64. 32-bit/x86 support is intended for legacy Windows systems.

Microsoft requires app packages to be signed. The remote support platform I use provides customisation with hard-coded, pre-filled configuration so that end users can just install things more easily. This means that the apps produced are not digitally signed, and so Microsoft SmartScreen detects this and initially blocks the app from running.

Installer 64-bit / x64 32-bit / x86
Instant (temp.) Download Download
Installed (perm.) Download Download
Agent Download


Agent scripts may work with other distributions but compatibility isn't guaranteed.

Installer 64-bit / x64 32-bit / x86
Instant (temp.) Download
Installed (perm.)
Agent Ubuntu
Agent Manjaro


Installer 64-bit / x64 32-bit / x86
Instant (temp.)
Installed (perm.)
Agent Download